Moss Grove Joint Ease Box

Moss Grove Joint Ease Dispenser

Moss Grove Joint Ease Dispenser

The limited strength and dexterity experienced by arthritis sufferers can make using standard products incredibly difficult. It is for this reason that Moss Grove has asked for their Joint Ease lotion dispenser to be redesigned. The lotion itself is made from 100%natural ingredients and has been shown to “reduce inflammation, improve mobility and ease pain”.

Currently Joint Ease is supplied in a standard soap dispenser which has not been designed for use by arthritis sufferers. As a result, a user’s interaction with the product can be frustrating, convoluted and more time-consuming than it need be.

Design Solution

Moss Grove Redesign Benefits


First, the user twists the roll on cap and lifts it off to expose the roll-on ball. They can then attach the roll-on cap to the opposite end of the bottle.

The user can also hold the roll-on bottle in one hand and the brush-topped cap in the other. This is the optimal method of application when applying lotion to the lower back, hips, knees or ankles. Additionally, the user can still apply the lotion and rub it in with their hands if they so choose.

To refill the bottle, the user begins by unscrewing the refill cap at the bottom of the bottle. Next, they cut open a refill pouch and pour the lotion in.

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