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The Integrate Chair

Design Brief

Working with the Glasgow office of Steelcase Solutions, the aim of this project was to design an office chair for use in the year 2035. This involved conducting intensive research into the technologies and social factors that will define how we live and work 20 years from now. The challenge was then to design a chair that would "integrate" into this world of ubiquitous, connected technology to allow for a truly 2035 user experience.

Integrate Chair gallery


As a user approaches an Integrate chair for the first time, they are prompted to download the app to their mobile device. They can then adjust each of the settings and save them to their device.

The next time they approach this or any other Integrate chair, it will automatically adjust to the user’s saved default settings. If they find themselves working at a different desk and the default settings are unsuitable, they can change them and save them under a different name.