Integrate Chair in Black Leather Isolated

The Integrate Chair

An office chair designed for the year 2035

Problem Definition

Working with the Glasgow office of Steelcase Solutions, the aim of this project was to design an office chair for use in the year 2035. This involved conducting intensive research into the technologies and social factors that will define how we live and work 17 years from now. The challenge was then to design a chair that would “integrate” into this world of ubiquitous, connected technology.

Integrate Chair in Blue

Design Solution

The design of this chair was based on 2 key insights.

1 – With the retirement age increasing and obesity becoming more common, there will be greater variation in users’ age, weight, eyesight and dexterity.

2 – Changes in workplace culture will also mean that most people will no longer have their own desk.

The Integrate Chair tackles these problems by allowing for complete personalization of all aspects of the chair: spine curvature, arm rest width, arm rest height and seat height.

Settings for each of these are stored on a user’s mobile device. When they approach, the chair will automatically adjust to these settings.

The ball at the base of the seat will also allow the chair to move with the user. This will hopefully discourage people from sitting completely still for prolonged periods of time.

User Interaction

As a user approaches an Integrate chair for the first time, they’re prompted to download the app to their mobile. They can then adjust each of the settings and save them to their device.

The next time they approach this or any other Integrate chair, it will automatically adjust to their saved default settings. If they find themselves working at a different desk and the default settings are unsuitable, they can change them and save them under a different name.


Integrate Office Chair in white fabric Integrate Office Chair in red fabric Multiple Integrate Office Chairs in yellow fabric shown from above Two Integrate Chairs in white leather
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